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Dr. Dionisio Urbina
Site Director / Onsite Archaeologist

Dr.  Dionisio  Urbina  has  worked  in  the  field  of  archaeology  for  over  25  years.  Dr.  Urbina’s excavations have spanned everything from big Bronze Age settlements to a medieval castle, including  Iron  Age,  Roman  or  Visigothic  sites:  cities,  villages,  kilns,  baths,  military  camps, and farms.

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Mat Saunders
Founder and Executive Director / Program Director

Mat’s work at Davidson Day expands beyond the classroom and into Anthropology and Archaeology with AFAR. Not only does AFAR operate field schools every summer, but is host to two major conferences, provides a summer program for elementary students, and is building new programs to provide pre-collegiate students an opportunity to discover and learn about archaeology.

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