Catalina Urquijo

Program Director / Onsite Archaeologist

Catalina Urquijo met her husband (Dr. Dionisio Urbina) on her first archaeological excavation. At  this  point  in  time,  archaeology  was  only  emerging  as  a  profession  in  Spain. 

A  frequent traveller, Catalina has excavated at sites across Spain including Iron Age, Visigothic, Roman, and  Medieval  sites. 

In  1998,  they  started  their  first  Field  School  to  share  their  passion  and experiences  with  future  archaeologists  and  those  passionate  about  rediscovering  the  past. Today they serve as directors of ArchaeoSpain.

In  addition  to  her  field  work,  Catalina  taught  at  the  Nebrija  University  and  the  Center  for Studies Alvaro Duran Art and Enterprise.