Dr. Dionisio Urbina

Site Director / Onsite Archaeologist

Dr.  Dionisio  Urbina  has  worked  in  the  field  of  archaeology  for  over  25  years.  Dr.  Urbina’s excavations have spanned everything from big Bronze Age settlements to a medieval castle, including  Iron  Age,  Roman  or  Visigothic  sites:  cities,  villages,  kilns,  baths,  military  camps, and farms. Along with his wife, Catalina, Dionisia actively seeks to transfer his knowledge to students through field schools including Plaza de Moros and Archaeospain.

In  addition  to  his  work  in  the  field,  Dr.  Urbina  serves  as  a  professor  teaching  courses including   Grade   Cultural   Management   in   Nebrija   (Madrid)   University   and “Generalist Antiques  and  Twentieth  Century”  course  at  the  Center  for  Studies  Alvaro  Duran  Art  andEnterprise.

Dr.  Urbina  is  the  author  of  numerous  articles  in  professional  journals  and  a  dozen  books about  the  most  important  excavations  he  has  completed.

He  is  a  frequent  presenter  at professional conferences, symposia, and exhibitions. He is a member of the professional association of Castilla la Mancha, founder of the Section of  Archaeology,  and  is  also  a  member  of  the  Professional  Association  of  Archaeology  of Castilla-La Mancha.