Inês Vaz Pinto

Site Director

Inês Vaz Pinto studied History and Archaeology at Universidade Livre, in Lisbon (Portugal), where she graduated. She got a scholarship from the University of Arizona, in Tucson, where she studied Classical Archaeology and got her MA.

She then began teaching at Universidade Lusíada, in Lisbon, where she did her PhD in Archaeology and was a professor for almost two decades. She is an active member of CEAACP-Research Center on Archaeology, Arts and Heritage of the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Through these years she participated in several excavations in Portugal, Cyprus and Italy, and directed the excavations of the Roman villa of Tourega, near Évora, in Portugal.

In 2006 she became responsible for the Roman Ruins of Tróia (Portugal) and started a Enhancement Project of the Roman Ruins of Tróia, currently ongoing, and focused on the research, conservation, enhancement and promotion of this archaeological site. 

Inês Vaz Pinto has a number of research interests and her articles and books refer mostly to Roman Archaeology and Economy, dealing with baths, ceramics, fish-salting production, funerary manifestations, the sites of Tourega (Évora, Portugal) and Tróia (Grândola, Portugal) and also traditional wine production.