Ana Patrícia Magalhães

Field Director

Graduated in Archaeology in 2006 and a Master in Archeology in 2011, with the study of terra sigillata of the archaeological site of Tróia (“A terra sigillata da oficina de salga 1 de Tróia: contextos de escavações antigas (1956-1961)”), submitted at the University of Lisbon, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Carlos Fabião.

From 2004 to 2007 worked at the archeology company Era Arqueologia S. A., performing excavation and surveillance works. Between 2005 and 2006 worked for the company Mafratlântico, doing prospection and excavation works on the scope of the construction of a new road (AE 21).

Works at TROIA RESORT since 2007, in the Enhancement Project of the Roman Ruins of Tróia, co-directing the field work, doing research and developing the touristic management of the archaeological site.

Ana Patrícia Magalhães as long experience of field work, developing her research in Roman economy and production, mainly Roman Pottery, and also cultural management, with several published articles (available at She is a member of  UNIARQ – Archaeology Research Center of Lisbon University (