Top 5 Reasons to Pick the Spain Project

When school is back in session, many students ask the kids who spent the summer conducting archaeology research on AFAR projects a myriad of questions. Some of them are basic, like "Was it fun?" or "How was it this year?" Despite this initial burst of questions, more pointed questions are asked when it’s time to apply. The most important -- "Which project should I sign-up for?" The purpose of this article is to showcase what the Spain trip has to offer, and why it may be the right AFAR trip for you.  Starting with number 5…


#5 The Food

The food in Spain is an amazing mixture of American food we love so much combined with traditional Spanish foods. The hotel, La Posada de Zorita, employs a five-star chef named Rodrigo, who has yet to make a dish not to my liking in the past 6 sessions I have spent here. The food at La Posada de Zorita will truly open your food palate, and I would encourage you to try the amazing dishes Rodrigo whips up -- even if they do not look like what you’re used to.



#4 The Rio Tajo

Not to say that working isn't fun, but after a long, hot, sweaty, and dirty workday, you walk down the castle path feeling filthy. However, Zorita has the solution. Zorita is a river town, right off the Rio Tajo.  It used to be a trade center due to the fact that it had 1 of the 2 bridges across the river. Ancient history aside, it makes for a great way to cool off. No matter what the temperature is outside, I swear that on all of my swims the river has never risen above 55 degrees. While this may sound cold, climbing to the side of the river near the remnants of the bridge and jumping off into the frigid abyss below feels amazing after a day of long, hard work.



#3 The Excursions

Every weekend of the Spain project, we take the time to travel and explore the different corners of Spain. On my excursion, we went to the mountains around Candeleda the first weekend, and to Toledo my second week. In the mountains, we hiked, swam in natural springs and went canyoning. Canyoning, if you have never heard of it, is an extremely fun activity in which you swim, cliff jump, and repel down a canyon filled with water. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done.



#2 The Archeological Experience

When people find out I participated in an archeological dig, they are absolutely amazed and impressed. Having the chance to excavate with professionals is a once in a lifetime experience, and even if you don't make a career out of it, it will help a lot in the college admissions process. You are digging up history, and I doubt even 10 other kids will have that experience when you apply for college.



#1 The People!

I have never met such amazing people as I have on the Spain project. Of course, there is always a little bit of drama, but overall the quality of the AFAR group is unparalleled. We always have our site directors, Catalina and Dionisio, who are two of the nicest, smartest, and funniest people I’ve ever met. Every year after spending time on the Spain project, I find myself missing the people most and looking forward to next year.


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